Kartikey Malviya will be seen in the get-up of a Sadhu

Kartikey Malviya disguised as Sadhu in Chandragupta Maurya

Kartikey Malviya who is essaying the role of Chandragupta on Sony Entertainment Television’s show ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ has been undergoing intense training for the current track in the show. Last week, he was seen undergoing archery and underwater training.

The young actor is putting in a lot of effort to bring his character to life. Recently, he was seen in the get-up of a Sadhu on the sets.

Kartikey said, “For one of the sequences, I have disguised as a Sadhu and it took 1.5 hours for me to get ready for the same. I was getting really bored while the make-up was on as I don’t like sitting in one place but then I understand that it is the character’s demand. It is hectic to get into a completely different look but at the same time, I enjoy the process. I’m lucky to play the role of Chandragupta, as I get to play multiple characters be it of a sainik, a fighter, sadhu, bhikhari and gives me an opportunity to show my acting skills to my fans as every character has a different requirement.”

Chandragupta will be seen disguised as a Sadhu as part of his planning to defeat Dhananand.

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