Katrina Kaif will receive a grand welcome by the men in the Bigg Boss house.

Men in the house to woo Katrina Kaif in style in the Bigg Boss house

The episode on Bigg Boss 11 tonight will see the gorgeous beauty Katrina Kaif getting inside the house with a challenge in mind!!

Before her entry, the Bigg Boss will order all the contestants to give a grand welcome to his special guest!!

On seeing Katrina all will get delighted. The men in the house will have their task cut out as they would do all that they could to woo the hot girl!! So the game of impression will start.

The challenges laid before the men will be to make the most impressive rotis, do belly dance and also sketch the best photo possible of Katrina.


And Katrina we hear will be very happy with the warm response and of course the strategies deployed by the men in the house.

Before she would leave, she will teach all the contestants the signature step for ‘Swag Se Swagat’…

Who will be the man who will end up impressing Katrina the most?

Watch out for all the entertainment in Bigg Boss tonight.

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