Parenthood for Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava?

Ankita Bhargava apparently pregnant for the second time

Parenthood for Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava?

Ankita Bhargava and Karan Patel, the popular TV couple, as per sources are set to welcome parenthood soon.

IWMBuzz has learnt that Ankita is 6 months pregnant and is keeping happy and healthy.

Says a source, “We all know that Ankita had a miscarriage. However, the couple are rock solid in their relationship and are set to embrace parenthood soon.”

Grapevine suggests that Anikta’s pregnancy could also be a reason why Karan opted out of Bigg Boss 13, where he was almost finalized as a contestant.

“He wants to be with his wife,” adds the source.

To get more information on the happy development, we buzzed both Karan and Ankita. While Karan chose to remain silent, Ankita reverted stating, “I also heard the same from a few more portals… It seems I have been expecting every year ever since I got married 5 years ago. Anyway, Pregnant or not pregnant…. I don’t wanna be in news for this reason…AT ALL…  so let’s not make any article about it anyway , Thanku for atleast lettin me kno…(sic),”

Well, we understand the sensitivity here and would wish the two a blissful life ahead.

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