Hamari Bahu Silk non-payment issue has finally reached a consensus, is what we get to hear. Read it here.

Read Now: LATEST UPDATE On Hamari Bahu Silk Non-Payment Row

The television industry is presently hassled with no new content being shot, and this has left the television audiences at the mercy of the older re-runs.

At this juncture comes the news of the Hamari Bahu Silk team (both cast and crew) not being paid their monies from June 2019.

The Zee TV show produced by Devyani Rale, Sudhanshu Tripathi (Klay Pictures) and Jyoti Gupta has not been able to clear the bills of actors, and crew people like make-up artists, junior actors and technicians, as per media reports.

It is a murky affair involving multiple parties and in such a sensitive scenario, emotions do flare. Not intending to speculate on who is responsible for the entire mess, we decided to speak to the organisations who could bring solution and ensure each party gets what is due and the issue gets sorted amicably.

When IWMBuzz.com contacted Amit Behl Senior Joint Secretary, CINTAA, he had to say this on the issue and we quote him, “We as an association were trying to call all the actors, asking them to be more patient. Unfortunately, not all of the actors have complained to CINTAA. Some of them have, but we are not able to decipher the right scenario owing to the lockdown issue. We are trying our best, and hoping that none of the actors and crew takes a drastic step to harm their lives. We do not know what the situation is between Jyoti Gupta and the Producers (Sudhanshu Tripathi and Devyani Rale) and the channel. The issue is actually in a state of limbo, and we don’t know who is telling the truth. We have the Line Producer V/s Producer Vs channel version, all against each other. We are hoping that there is a solution on this before something drastic happens.”

However, stating on a new development that has come across with regards to the issue, Amit Behl told us, “We have been told by FWICE, that they have taken up the issue with the actors, technicians and also the channel. The channel has eventually assured that they will clear the payments of technicians and actors directly, and will deal with the Producers themselves.”

We also buzzed Ashoke Pandit, Chief Advisor of FWICE but could not get through to him.

Is this the ray of light that the actors and technicians involved with the show Hamari Bahu Silk have been looking for?

We all truly hope that the issue gets resolved so that there is no damage whatsoever caused further.

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