‘Real reason’ behind Shweta Tiwari not being part of Anuradha Sarin’s show on Life OK

Indianwikimedia.com digs deep to know the real reason behind Shweta Tiwari not playing the lead role in Life OK’s Intequam Ek Masoom Ka.

‘Real reason’ behind Shweta Tiwari not being part of Anuradha Sarin’s show on Life OK

The upcoming reincarnation cum revenge thriller on Life OK, Intequam Ek Masoom Ka produced by Anuradha Sarin’s White Horse International has roped in pretty actress Megha Gupta for the lead role.

However, even before Megha could come on board, it was the experienced campaigner Shweta Tiwari who was in talks to bag the role.

All of a sudden came the report in media that Shweta Tiwari apparently did not get the role, courtesy the stand taken by the male lead on the show, Avinash Sachdev.

As per the gossip reports that made headlines, Avinash Sachdev was said to have put his foot down and refused to be cast opposite Shweta, owing to an old rivalry that they had.

This indeed shook Shweta and she was seen giving a clarification that she never knew who Avinash Sachdev was.

Here Indianwikimedia.com comes up with the real reason behind Shweta not bagging the role!!

As per credible sources, “Shweta and Producer Anuradha Sarin have been family friends for more than 15 years now. And when the maker wanted Tiwari to play the lead role, the latter too agreed to be part of the project. However, Shweta wanted the channel and maker to provide her with a bounded script which would clearly give her an idea and graph of her complete character journey along with the story flow. Unfortunately, Shweta could not be provided with the script in advance as the story is even now in its drafting stage and a complete script is being made.”

Shweta we hear put this demand stating that she had a bad experience in her earlier project, wherein she was not given whatever was offered to her as per the initial story line.

With the makers failing to give Shweta the complete script, Shweta took the decision of not doing the show!!

When contacted, Shweta Tiwari did not comment on this piece of news.

However, Producer Anuradha Sarin responded to our text message saying, “Shweta is more than an elder sister to me. She is my family in Mumbai. I am my partner Sathishji would haveloved to have her on our show. Everyone including the channel were very happy to the idea of her doing the role of our main protagonist. But due to certain reasons, things did not work out. It can be here past experiences of her character and story line being changed or may be it was too early for us to be able to share the full character journey with her as things were in process and we had to shoot. To avoid any confusion and hard feelings, we decided to work together in another project. For me, she is my ‘Aishwarya of television’. To have her in my life is bigger than having her on my show.”

Aww!! We really hope to see Shweta and Anuradha working together very soon!!

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