A series of stunning happenings have shaken the Bigg Boss house as per reports coming in. Read on!!

Bigg Boss house is famous for its in-house controversies, fights and for its most stunning developments!!

The latest buzz from the house of controversies is that while one of the contestants has been shown the way out, the other one has been forced into the hospital!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

Earlier in the day, a big verbal argument between Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani happened in which the latter called the former as ‘gay’. With rumours being there of Vikas and the heart throb Priyank Sharma being partners, the argument picked up heat and more of the unwanted dust was kicked up. The fight lead to a crucial phase wherein Vikas’ friend Priyank could not stay out of it for long, and he jumped into action to safeguard Vikas. Not only did he talk back but also took it on his hands to punish Akash for whatever he had talked to Vikas. All this resulted in Priyank slapping Akash thrice and this did not go well with the Bigg Boss. Immediately, Priyank was pulled up and was asked to pack his bags and get out of the house!! Reason being that no contestant will be allowed to hit the other, and no sort of physical violence will be accepted in the house.

If Priyank going out of the house was a shocker, the contestants were in for yet another stunning development as per the reports!!

Zubair’s atrocious behaviour towards other inmates has been under close watch for sometime!! Zubair’s attitude of bad mouthing people, his talk in high pitched voice has been noticed by Salman. And today Salman took the fellow to task by putting him in his place by scolding him. The gyan apparently was too much to handle for Zubair and he is believed to have taken it to heart. When once alone, Zubair is presumed to have taken few pills with a thought of suicide in mind. And the result of this is that Zubair is buzzed to be rushed to a hospital for medication and treatment.

Wow!! The weekend dhamaka at the Bigg Boss house has indeed been stunning!!

Is this the end of the road for Priyank in the Bigg Boss house? Or is there any twist that awaits? Will Zubair get back to the house in good stead? Will he mend his behaviour?

Only time will tell!!

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