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Producer Siddharth P Malhotra talks about Sanjivani not returning with a new season.

Sanjivani not returning with Season 3

Sanjivani fans who were upset that their favourite medical show starring Surbhi Chandna, Namit Khanna and Gaurav Chopraa will end on 14th March got a false glimmer of hope.

Certain media houses reported that the show might come back with season 3, and that season 2 will end with a twist and couple of cameo enteries.

When we first read it, we had our doubt hence in the the interest of fair journalism, we directly got in touch with Producer Siddharth P Malhotra about the same.

And he says and we quote, “Not Sanjivani, but a medical show is being written. Platform is not decided. It will be fully written, made how we want it and then released.”

He further refused to comment on whether it will come on TV or web and if Sanjivani cast will also be considered?

“Nothing decided; I will write the full things first. I will make this show how I want it without anyone’s feedback or approval as is the case if u pre-sell it to anyone and when I’m happy then I will release it.”

While the above story did not have any quote of Siddharth on the possible comeback, he was directly asked the question of whether time slot led to a premature end of season 2? To which he replied, and we quote him again, “ No, no, the change of time slot wasn’t the reason at all. The channel took the call, which is always the case, and apparently, there were some branding issues.”

Sanjivani was one cute show which sadly never set the ratings on fire. No wonder it was shifted to 6.30 pm, when season 2 was launched. But the three month extension was cut short in quick time (our words not the Producer’s).

We tried to get in touch with channel head Gaurav Banerjee and Surbhi about the same, but could not get through to them till the time of filing of this story.

Guys, we did not like to spoil your day, but the truth has to be told.

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