Actor and singer Sara Khan took to Instagram to expose an online pervert’s nasty message thereby teaching him a lesson.

Sara Khan teaches an online pervert a fun lesson

TV actor Sara Khan has shown women how to effectively and smartly deal with people who send nasty sexual messages on social media.

Sara who is currently anchoring a Dangal TV romantic show, made public on Instagram a very nasty message which she received on Instagram direct message and to smartly make matters lightly, had a hearty laugh about it as well.

See the picture above…

When contacted, Sara who is also becoming a singer says, “I just had to post it, for it was so funny. You meet stupid people on all platforms. Normally I don’t read the thousands of messages which flood my inbox, but I guess to this guy’s bad luck I saw as it was right on top. He should thank his stars that I have deleted his name and id, lest everybody would have taken his case.”

“Why should I feel embarrassed when he has no shame in sending such stuff,” questions Sara shutting down any dissenter.

“Having said that in closing, I don’t think we also need to make a song and dance about this one funny incident and I am sure he must have got the message also.”

Way to go, Girl!!

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