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Shabir Ahluwalia did THIS on his first audition!

We all get bothered when we are about to give an exam or going to do anything for the first time, right? This doesn’t just apply to us common people but to celebrities too as they too are normal people like us and have fears. It was back in 1998 when Shabir Ahluwalia too was nervous like us but we guess being nervous changed his life after that.

We all know Shabir Ahluwalia as a cool and handsome man who works his heart out, be it acting, playing football, or being a good person. Let’s take a rollback in the ’90s when he was struggling as an actor. Shabir Ahluwalia’s life took an interesting start as he first auditioned when he was just 20 years old and gave an audition to Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms.

We all get nervous when an opportunity strikes and so did Shabir Ahluwalia! He used to forget the lines when he became nervous so when the frustration came out, he started uttering bad words, lol! Yes, he did that in front of the camera. Who would have imagined uttering something bad in front of the camera will give you a break in your career? But Shabir Ahluwalia got what he came for! He bagged the negative role in Hip Hip Hurray, a youth sensation series that was aired back in 1998.

On the work front, we see Shabir Ahluwalia playing the role of Abhishek Mehra in Kumkum Bhagya for the past 6 years. Sriti Jha plays his on-screen wife, Pragya Mehra. Shabir Ahluwalia also debuted digitally with Fixerr.

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