Shilpa Shinde quits Twitter

Shilpa Shinde who was very active on Twitter calls it quits owing to too much of negativity out there.

Shilpa Shinde quits Twitter

Veteran actor Shilpa Shinde who has been missing from action since her appearance in Bigg Boss 11 has decided to quit this microblogging site. She had been quite vocal on it about her likes and dislikes regarding several issues including Bigg Boss (both her season and the next). She even had running battles with co -contestant Hina Khan who went on to win the crown in Season 11.

“Too much negativity turns me off; we already have enough issues of our own, why invite more wholesale trouble. I was a never a SM person to start with, if you see my Twitter timestamp date it will show 2017 and it was my brother who created this account for me. I also never liked the word followers; for me they are my fans.”

Shilpa also has Facebook and Instagram accounts as well but she was more active on Twitter.

“But alas some of these same fans get personal, and start to dictate terms about what I should do or not do.  Who are they to tell whether I should donate blood or not? My organ donation post was also trolled saying it was not the done thing,” Shilpa adds.

Such intrusions especially about social service stuffs which I personally like to propagate are a sure deal breaker. Just how kicked I am about this is can be judged by the fact that despite being a hard-core non veg, I am eating more greens so that my low haemoglobin levels  rises to meet  donation standards,” Shilpa confides.

“One more reason for quitting this 256 characters revolution was that this constant snipping was beginning to get to my family as well. My sister just told me to quit. It is not that all fans are bad, there are some good ones who are fighting for me as well.”

“Ideally SM should be used for work, but today rather actors tom-tom about what they did the whole day. No offence to those who do, but this is not me. I was amazed when Bigg Boss commoners too were hooked on the bandwagon,” says Shilpa who is now looking at film projects.

She had quit her last & TV fiction show Bhabhiji Ghar ParHai due to differences with producer Benaifer Kohli.

Here Shilpa agreed that SM has become a money spinner as well, “Recently I was approached by some fashion designer to post Twitter  pixs in their creations.  But they were not ready to pay good money.  They cribbed that your followers are lesser than Priyank Sharma (Bigg  Boss 11 co housemate), so I told them please go to  him.”

In closing we ask whether she will return to Twitter, if and when she gets a new project, “No why would I then quit in the first place. I value my peace of mind which does get affected.”

Twitter will not be the same again without your pearls of wisdom.  Hope you do change your mind!!


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