Star Bharat as a channel has a lot of restrategizing to do as none of its newly launched shows have worked. Read our exclusive report here

Star Bharat: New shows put on halt

Star Bharat as a channel is deeply on the ‘think’ mode right now, with none of its newly launched shows working in its favour.

The channel is hugely banking on its three popular shows as of now Radha Krishn (1.0 TVR), Nimki Mukhiya (0.8TVR) and Musakaan (0.8 TVR) to help in giving a standing when it comes to its overall GRP.

When launched, Star Bharat had a good line-up of shows and looked at varied genres of programming.

While Kya Haal Mr Panchaal was a drama comedy, Jiji Maa explored into the genre of family drama and Nimki Mukhiya, which continues its good run even now, was a tale of woman empowerment told differently. To add to it, the channel had Savdhan India doing really well. Also there was Musakaan which started off from telling the story of a child growing up in a brothel.

Few of its later launched shows, like Radha Krishn made a real huge impact on the GRP standing of the channel, with the show having a stupendous opening.

However, the rustic flavour of Star Bharat has, somewhere down the line, gotten lost.

The newly launched shows Pyaar Ke Papad (0.2), Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Raavan (0.3) have not had a standing in terms of numbers.

The latest high profile launch, Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, opened up with very low numbers and continues to garner just 0.4 TVR has affected the channel a lot.

Now, news coming in is that the channel has apparently stopped work on the already commissioned new shows, as the thought of re-strategizing its plan needs to be worked out first.

As per a reliable industry source, “With work on new shows being put on a halt, the channel needs to look at the varied options that are presented. A thought of revamp with a new title is being talked about at the moment.”

The TRAI customization that has been put in place recently has also affected the channel numbers. The channel which was earlier a free-to-air channel is now put under the pay and subscribe list.

Understanding the scenario that Star Bharat is in, we believe that few major decisions will be taken in the coming time to resurrect the situation.

We buzzed the spokesperson at Star Bharat but did not get revert.

Only time will tell us what the future of Star Bharat has in store. For now, we can only cherish the good times that the channel had post its launch.