The run for Star Plus channel has been consistent where not one or two, but more often than not, multiple shows of the channel make it to the Top 5 every week.

And while you expect the likes of Anupamaa and Ghum Hai Kiskey Pyaar Mein to be constant as always, one show that has managed to make a mark for a while now is Jhanak.

The show is hardly six months old but has been a regular feature in the Top 5 or Top 10 shows every week. And for a show that has been doing so well on the charts, it has now reached another milestone.

Jhanak completed 200 episodes recently, and while the cast and crew did not have a huge celebration with cake-cutting and the other things, they did acknowledge this special feat and did a happy dance recently.

As seen, in one of the stories shared by actor Kajal Pisal, who plays the role of Tanuja in the show, a few members of the cast were seen enjoying themselves celebrating the special feat of completing 200 episodes-

Star Plus' Jhanak completed 200 episodes; Hiba Nawab & others celebrate 899248

For the uninitiated, Jhanak is an official adaptation of Bengali series Jol Nupur and began with the story of Jhanak, a resilient girl whose life takes a drastic turn when her mother dies and she is forced to marry her cousin’s fiance, Aniruddh. The story then showcases Jhanak’s struggles to survive all by her own.