Emotions run high as the gharwale meet their own gharwale.

Tears of joy flood the Bigg Boss House

There is an old saying that our family is the only anchor we can blindly rely on during rough waters. Iss hafte Bigg Boss gives a golden opportunity to the contestants to interact with their family members and loved ones. The first day of the luxury budget ended on high emotional quotient, and day 2 is certainly not going to be any different.

The day begins with Akash’s mother making her way into the house through the confession room. He gives her a warm welcome in his own rap style. They shake a leg on one of his most famous songs, ‘Bang Bang.’ Luv is in a heap of tears as he meets his father in the house.

Hina Khan finds herself in wonderland as she sees her loved one Rocky Jaiswal walking towards her. Rocky tells her that she is playing the game really well and her innocence is her key strength. He confesses his love for her and tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Hiten who had been desperately waiting to get a glimpse of his wife, Gauri Pradhan finally gets to meet her at the end of the day. It is easy to freeze movements but extremely difficult to freeze emotions. Heavy hearted Hiten keeps shedding tears but does not move an inch from his place. Gauri advises him that he does not need to change for anyone in the house and lectures him for not taking care of himself. She also gives an earful to Hina Khan for making ill statements about her husband. While everyone else got to spend some time with their loved ones, Bigg Boss plays a nasty trick and does not give Hiten a chance to speak to his wife or even meet her properly.

This luxury budget will end on high note with a new task awaiting for all of them.

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