GEC shows on Hindi Television are always high on drama. has always been at the forefront, giving our readers updates about newsbreaks related to TV, spoilers, and even engaging and interesting snippets of your favourite shows and actors. We extend our Updates on Television with a new Column that will bring together the interesting drama and high points in the week gone by.

Today being the first day of the new week, we put together the major happenings from your favourite shows over the last week.

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Anupamaa, the Star Plus show show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw over the last week major drama with Devika having a conversation with Anupamaa about her hidden feelings for Anuj. Anupamaa had an emotional outburst as she confided that she will always love Anuj, but the fact is that he cannot be hers now. Anuj overheard this conversation and this pained him all the more as he too has not stopped loving Anupamaa. Gulati and Rahul’s presence at the wedding at Shah house raised further doubt on whether they were linked to the fiasco that happened at the restaurant in USA. Later, it was revealed to Anupamaa and Anuj that Rahul added cockroach in the meal under the order of Gulati. Anuj and Anupamaa vowed to seek justice once they were back in the USA. However, Gulati was confident that he could not be harmed.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut saw over the last week major drama with Armaan being guided by Vidya to bring happiness to his family. Armaan went ahead with the wedding, killing his mind. However, just before the Varmala, he just could not proceed. He told Ruhi in front of all, that he did not want to marry her, and that he loved Abhira. Manish got angry and vented his anger at Armaan and slapped him. Abhira got off her bus and went to meet Madhav. However, she fainted owing to severe stress. Madhav admitted her and took care of her. On the other hand, Armaan rebelled for his love and told Dadisa very clearly that he wanted his love now and that his love for Abhira was genuine. Armaan tried contacting Abhira, but her phone was switched off. He believed that she would have reached Mussoorie. He told his family that he was going to bring Abhira back. Madhav told Abhira that Armaan’s marriage did not happen, and that he stopped the marriage. Abhira wanted to know the reason and was desperate to meet Armaan. Madhav took her to a house and took care of her. Abhira gave her address to Armaan. Armaan reached the place and confessed his love before Abhira.

Kundali Bhagya, the Zee TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms saw the big drama where the last week started with Anshuman throwing out all of the Luthra belongings from their house and asking them to leave the house. Nidhi blamed Preeta for the big danger to their family. Preeta nullified Anshuman’s plan by saying that Karan had transferred all of his property in her name. King came to the Luthra house to show his power. While the Luthras tried to fight the mess, Karan tried to trick them to save Preeta. Later, the goons entered the locked door of Preeta’s room. They put a noose around her neck and threatened to kill her. Anshuman threatened to kill Karan. Preeta agreed to give the papers of the property to him. Rajveer and Palki tried to save the family from further problems at the hands of Anshuman.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, the Sony SAB show produced by Neela Telefilms saw over the last week, Bawri asking Bagha to put a day’s off at work as it was the anniversary of their first meet-up. However, Jetha had a problem with his big money being stuck with Daruwala. Bagha told Bawri that he could not take leave. Bagha and Bawri decided to go to Daruwala’s resort to collect the cheque. After getting the cheque, they decided to celebrate their anniversary. Amidst their happy moments, Bawri misplaced the cheque. Bawri and Bagha were worried and decided to go back to Mumbai and tell Jetha the truth.

Doree, the Colors show produced by Jay Productions saw over the last week, Rukmini trapping Doree and not allowing her to meet Ganga. Doree who was kept captive in a dungeon in the mansion, found a way to escape from it. However, she had the big task of going out without anyone getting aware. Doree, yet again, got caught in Rukmini’s dangerous trap when she failed in her attempt to save the kid. Ganga saved Mansi and even told her the truth about Doree being her daughter. Rukmini fell into the mud and lost possession of the property papers. Doree told the Thakurs about Rukmini’s bad act of trying to kill the newborn child. Rukmini’s real face was revealed to all when she vowed to kill all the female-born kids in the clan. Mansi planned to set up her family by moving out with Doree and Ganga. However, Anand kidnapped Doree and put her at a big risk at the hands of Rukmini. Doree got to know that Anand and Mansi were her parents. Pavitra plotted to kill Ganga and Mansi.

Teri Meri Doriyaann, the Star Plus show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment saw Akeer getting depressed after losing his mother. He sent out a mail to his school stating that he did not want to continue studying at school. Angad got called to the school for an explanation. Just then, Gurnoor came to the school for an interview for the music teacher. Akeer saw her at the school and got excited. He told his Principal that if Gurnoor would teach him, he would stay in the school. Gurnoor was appointed as the music teacher. Angad was shocked to see Sahiba’s lookalike. Akeer connected well with Gurnoor and also confided about his problems. Gurnoor made him adjust in class and even helped in teaching him to dance for the school event. On the day of the event, Akeer refused to dance as Gurnoor was not there. Gurnoor was again under the threat of being caught by the goons who were looking for her. The school sacked her from her job as she did not submit her documents. Angad asked Gurnoor whether she would stay at his house, as Akeer’s caretaker and teacher.

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