The Zee TV show Rajaa Betaa produced by Sobo Films completes 100 episodes today. Read the news here at

Zee TV show Rajaa Betaa completes 100 episodes

Rajaa Betaa the Zee TV show produced by Sobo Films achieves its first feat of completing 100 episodes.

The story of Rajaa Betaa is of an orphan being the adopted son and bread-winner of the family, but yet facing his own hurdles of the family not accepting him.

Actors Rrahul Sudhir and Sambhabana Mohanty play the leads.

Today, with the show completing 100 episodes, the producers have made sure to pamper the entire unit with good food throughout the day.

As per a reliable source, “There have been arrangements made on set for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire unit. Also, plans of watching today’s episode on set with the help of a projector are being made.”

The team has also planned a cake-cutting event later in the day.

We buzzed the lead actors but could not get through for comments.

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Here’s wishing Rajaa Betaa team all the best for a good run!!




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