Zee TV’s Sethji will get a new time slot and will make way for Jay Productions’ show.

Zee TV’s Sethji to get an intermediate time shift; Jay Productions’ show to launch on 21 August

Zee TV’s prime time show Sethji (Offshore Productions) which airs at the 7 PM slot will soon bid goodbye… IndianWikiMedia.com has already reported about the show going off air in September.

However, Sethji will see an intermediate time shift before it goes off air…

Jay Mehtaa and Kinnari Mehtaa’s ‘Jeet Gayi Tu Piya More’ which will depict a family feud set amidst a Gujarati backdrop will launch on 21 August and will take the 7 PM slot. Hence, Sethji will shift to the slot of 6 PM.

News coming in is that Sethji will shut down on 29 September!!

As reported by IndianWikiMedia.com, the Jay Productions show will have Krrip Kapur Suri in the main lead role. Actors Sheetal Maulik, Neha Dandale, Rupa Divetia have been cast for prime roles.

We buzzed Producer Kinnari Mehtaa, but did not hear from her.

Also we buzzed the channel spokesperson for a confirmation, but did not get any revert till we filed the story.

Watch this space on IndianWikiMedia.com for more updates…


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