An actor leaving a show does not affect it as long as the story and characters are good: Creative Producer Pearl Grey

In conversation with Creative Producer Pearl Grey

An actor leaving a show does not affect it as long as the story and characters are good: Creative Producer Pearl Grey

One of the most successful producers in the TV industry, Pearl Grey, who has struck the right chords with the masses and also impressed critics with shows like Pratigya, Pratha and Doli Armaanon Ki, is currently the creative producer of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka.

The Colors’ show is currently streaming on the OTT platform, Voot. However, the show is again re-considered and has returned on the GEC channel, Colors.

Talking about the shift to the OTT platform Voot, she says, “I feel it is good that the show was shifted to Voot, however I wasn’t sure. When the show was running on Colors, it was No.1 on Voot. I feel Silsila is not a GEC kind of a show as it has a bolder concept. If you sympathize with the wife and make the other woman look negative in an extramarital theme, then it works on TV. However, there was a doubt whether audiences would accept this show, but to my surprise, it was accepted. The time spent of the show on Colors was highest. The time spent of a show is usually around 14 but Silsila had between 16 to 20. I won’t say it wasn’t a success on Colors. As soon as it came to Voot, for me it was a challenge, but we are happy because the numbers doubled. I think the show is meant for this platform.”

When asked whether they will try to use the freedom and showcase bold stuff as the show has shifted to an OTT platform, she avers, “I feel that just because it is on the OTT platform, that doesn’t mean the content has to be bolder. The concept of the show has always been bolder. By the time we shifted to OTT, the story shifted. The story is more emotional here but we are not keeping it melodramatic. We are playing with the emotions on what has happened in the past and its repercussions, and what holds in the future.”

Pearl feels Drashti’s decision to exit from the show never affected the show. “I don’t feel it affected the show. I had that fear when the decision was taken that Drashti won’t be continuing; as for me, the story was about Nandini (Drashti Dhami)-Kunal (Shakti Arora)-Mauli (Aditi Sharma). The decision shook us, but to everyone’s surprise, the show’s numbers doubled. It is No.1 on Voot and we all are happy. We have seen in the past that an actor leaving the show does not affect the show, as long as your story and characters are good.”

Do you feel that with Drashti leaving the series, the main plot is missing? “I understand there is no Nandini in the show, but it is the repercussion of an extra-marital story that is happening now. From Mauli’s side, she has always loved Kunal, although she has been betrayed. The only love of her life is Kunal, whether he is with her or not with her. We have made a story of three months and will see how this season ends. If it continues doing well, we will think about getting a new season.”

Best of luck, Pearl!!

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