Saba Mumtaz who is the Writer of Mariam Khan talks about the show and concept.

The basic idea is to bring in the innocence of childhood: Saba Mumtaz, Writer of Mariam Khan – Reporting Live

Saba Mumtaz, the acclaimed Writer turned Producer is happy and excited about her new baby, her recent work as Writer for the show on Star Plus, Mariam Khan – Reporting Live, produced by Majid Azam under the Somersault Productions banner.

Saba who has written for renowned shows like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Chand Chupa Badal Mein, Navya, Razia Sultan etc is writing the Story and Screenplay for Mariam Khan.

Says Saba, “The journey of creating the characters was very nice. All started with discussions about how the character of Mariam was to be created. My thought and belief was that Mariam had to be treated like a 9 years old child. You will observe around that most of the child characters on Indian TV behave like adults; they crack mysteries, they take revenge and they know everything. That was one thing for which I completely put my foot down. I was of the strong opinion that Mariam had to be a child of 9 years, and I was glad that all in the channel supported my thought. This is the belief we stuck to and it is the USP of the show.”

The show has been launched during the auspicious time of Ramzan and this will be brought into the plot too. “The story will slowly open up with the families going through the Ramzan phase. We will take viewers into the world of Mariam, her family and the other family too. We will see how the two families come together in the main plot. Every episode will unfold a new chapter in Mariam’s life, with respect to her parents, her dream of becoming a journalist, her reaction on getting her first camera and so on. We will also dwell into Mariam being affected by dyslexia. We will also get into the elder sisters’ lives, their love stories and their guys etc,” she says about the idea behind the setting up of the show.

Saba feels that the show will dwell on the untamed innocence of the kid in totality. “As writers, the basic idea is to bring in the innocence of childhood. We want to reverse the trend wherein children are shown to be doing everything. We wanted to show the world of a child through the point of view of a child. Through the child, we want to raise pertinent questions, just as a child will do in an innocent way. She’s very inquisitive, intelliegent, yet fooling, naughty yet smart. Dyslexia is just one thing that has gone wrong, but otherwise she’s a genius and this will be what we will bring about.”

On the expectations from the show, the Writer states, “We have very huge expectations as the show is taking over the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein slot. The last rating of the popular show on the slot was 1.8 and we will do our best to take it ahead. We hope the audience accepts the new taste with regards to the show. We have intertwined all the elements of a GEC show in it and have love stories, marriages amidst the main plot which will be told in a different way.”

Wish the entire team of Mariam Khan all the very best!!

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