Molkki the Colors show produced by Balaji Telefilms depicts the tale of a simple village-bred girl who is forced to accept her fate when she is married to an elderly man, as part of the custom Molkki. Purvi the protagonist played by Priyal Mahajan, has come a long way after the forced marriage and has indeed won the heart of her husband and has developed a strong bond and connect with him.

Just when life seems to be a bed of roses for Virendra (Amar Upadhyay) and Purvi, the shocking fact of Mukhi’s first wife Saakshi being alive comes to the fore. The show will see the entry of versatile actress Toral Rasputra very soon in the role of Saakshi.

At this juncture, we at had a candid chat with the Writer of Molkki, Saba Mumtaz who states, “The show is slowly moving towards the arrival of the first wife now. Viewers have been waiting for this moment for a while now. And this will only pique the interest of viewers. I keep getting messages on Instagram about the cute romance of Purvi and Virendra, and fans are eager to know when the love confession will happen, and what the secret that is being guarded, etc is. So slowly all of the questions will be answered in the show.”

The entry of Saakshi has been given out to the audience via the new promo. “The promo has indeed raised a lot of questions. There is a lot of traction on social media and there is general feedback of many wanting to know more about the track.”

Saba Mumtaz wants to emphasize the fact that, “The drama that will be played upon now, will in fact be all around Mukhi and Purvi. There are a lot of twists and turns, and there will be a lot of happy moments, and a lot of romance to look forward to. Of course, the arrival of the wife will bring in a lot of twists, but that will be equally delightful to watch.”

“Sympathy will be felt for the character of Saakshi. After all, she is a mother, wife and is a person who has lost five years of her life, after being forced to be away from her loving husband and children. At the same time, there is Purvi who is looking forward to seeing a good future with Mukhi. What happens to her, will also keep the viewers interested. Every character will be in a soup and will be in a dilemma. In simple words, it will create a stir in the life of all characters. This is a very potent point in the storyline and we look forward to viewers connecting to the show well.”

Talking about the ratings, Saba states, “The show was doing very well, and in fact, it had even hit the 1.8 TVR. However, the consensus is that the track laden with mystery was dragged on for a bit more and the viewers’ interest dropped a little bit, which is reflected in the drop in numbers. Nevertheless, we are hoping to come back with a bang with this new track.”

Above all, the character of Purvi will rise up from ashes and will be shown as a strong woman who will question society about the do’s and don’t’s that women are subjected to. “Purvi will rise as a woman and will smash the patriarchal system, and will voice the essence of women empowerment. Her hard-hitting questions for the benefit of women will create a lot of social awareness.”

So all the Molkki fans, do look forward to the exciting track ahead!!