Producer duo Abhigyan Jha and Mrinal Jha who helm the banner MAJ Productions have the reincarnation love story Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak running presently on Colors and Janani AI Ke Kahani on Dangal. We at got Producer Abhigyan Jha into a conversation where he talked about his shows.

Read on.

There are rumours of Qayaamat Se Qayamaat Tak going off the air. What do you have to say about that?

The story has just started, and the show has already seen a lot of twists and turns. Such tracks are rare, and sometimes they develop slowly as it takes time to explore. So viewers are going to witness more twists and turns. It’s not a stale serial where we show one particular story for 6 months.

Now that we know the main culprit is the mother, are more twists going to come? What do you want to say about it? 

The story isn’t limited to that. This is all that I can say at the moment.

The media has written a lot about the show going off the air in April.

We have already submitted our story for the month of May. It’s not our job to think about when we go off the air. Our job is to produce a great show. Sometimes many factors contribute to ratings. There are shows with 0.2 and 0.3 ratings. There are many shows that do not perform well but still last for many years. We believe in making shows that are difficult for any other production house to conceive. That’s the kind of shows we will produce and put our time and energy into. Normal social dramas are not what we want to make, as anyone can make those. We want to create something unique. So sometimes we will have huge hits, and sometimes we won’t.

TV has seen a lot of reincarnation dramas, and the way this show has been tackled and come out is exceptional. What do you think is the reason? 

Mrinal and I wrote a book long ago when our careers started called “November Rain.” It was a story of reincarnation, and 50 percent of the story in the book was true. Some of those incidents are also in the show. Usually, in the story of reincarnation, both characters die and take rebirths, or the villain stays alive. But before we wrote “November Rain,” not a single reincarnation story had one person surviving and waiting for the other. This itself is a new plot. The biggest twist of “Qayaamat” was that the man knew when his girl would be born again. People who read it couldn’t believe that twist. The story is unique, but the subject matter of reincarnation is very old. This story is unique because there are no other reincarnation stories in which one person is alive and waiting, and when she returns, there is an age gap. Plus, he doesn’t understand if she is the one because he had gone there when she was reincarnated, but she was not there then.

The age factor track that is being played on now, is quite relevant and appealing. Tell us about it.

It is a very realistic take on the age factor coming between them. Both of them know that they are meant to be together and come back, but the age factor track is quite sensitive and well-approached. When he took the promise, he was in his twenties and he didn’t think that when she came back, he would be 40 plus. That was the crux of how we wrote the story.

What can viewers expect now that they know who the culprit is and a young fellow is coming into the picture?

Yes, it’s something you can’t imagine. Just keep watching how it unfolds. There will be a lot of crazy things happening. If you watched “Kaahin Kissi Roz” by Mrinal Jha , there is going to be that much suspense, intrigue, romance in this show.

How is Janani doing? 

It opened very well, and we are hoping to get people hooked. It’s absolutely a new story, and we have to see if it connects with people. There is a mother-daughter story and exploration of AI, and there is an actual robot in the show. The level of VFX is going to be very high. We have inserted VFX into actual scenes, and that is going to be a standout.

What’s next in OTT? 

I can’t reveal the platform, but we are working on a 75-episode show divided into 25, 25, 25, so 3 seasons will be back to back. It will have a very exciting cast, and the backdrop is fresh and totally different from “Qayaamat” and “Janani.” The setting is going to be absolutely new, something no one has touched. It will be a cool and fun show to watch.