Dil Jaise Dhadke…. Dhadakne Do the upcoming Star Plus show is the next passionate work of fiction coming from Producer Guroudev Bhalla and the creative genius, Mahesh Bhatt.

This show starring Rahil Azam and Shruti Seth will see Guroudev Bhalla getting back to direction after many years.

One can say that Bhalla’s passion for the concept and for the characters pushed him to take the onus of donning the Director’s hat.

Says Bhalla in an exclusive talk with IWMBuzz.com, “The show has been worked upon for the last one and half years. The characters have taken birth in front of me and the process of converting the magic from paper to screen has been a very satisfying experience for me. Having been equally involved in all the processes of making this show, I was finally handed over the baton of directing it. I have literally lived with this story and characters for all the years of its making, and for someone new to understand the nuances of it as Director would have been a very tough process. Hence I was asked to shoulder the responsibility. Star Plus showed this huge trust on me as Director and I accepted it. I believe that when you have a good batsman in your lineup you have to send him up the order to take control. This is exactly what happened with me when I took over as Director of the show.”

The first promo of Dil Jaise Dhadke… Dhadakne Do showed to viewers the cute world of the kids Yug and Iti. “The cute and sweet Enid Blyton kind of a world was shown in the first promo with the kids. A lot of thought and work has also gone into the promos that you will see before the launch. The promo that is on air right now has again been directed by me.”

Ask the Producer about the concept and theme of the show, and he states, “It is a love story set up in an interesting premise which has never ever been explored on cinema or TV before. We have very interesting characters, which will be fun to watch, as well as quirky too. We have a well-thought-out story here, and I will say that such a concept has a high rate of success.”

Dil Jaise Dhadke… Dhadakne Do will air at the 7 PM slot from 10 February and will replace Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. “We are here to tell a story which has high potential. If you ask me, the slot does not matter if you have a good product on hand. Having said this, we had occupied the same 7 PM slot sometime back on Colors for Tu Aashiqui and we took the rating as high as 2.4 then. So I believe that this said slot has a huge potential too. Of course, if you have a good story told well, the audience will surely come.”

Guroudev Bhalla has huge praise in store for his actors, who he believes have given par excellence performance in the opening episodes that are already ready. “Our casting is spot on and we have tremendous actors in our lineup. Rahil Azam is at his peak and I believe that he will duly get rewarded and recognized for this role that he is playing. Shruti Seth and Sandeep Baswana have also worked really well and they will do wonders. The characters will touch viewers’ hearts with all its simplicity.”

Best of luck for the show, team Dil Jaise Dhadke… Dhadakne Do.