It’s not often that we get to hear some rather interesting tips from producers themselves. But this time, Jyoti Gupta, the successful producer of the show Queens Hain Hum which airs on & TV opens up about his journey in the entertainment business and just what it takes to create bold, interesting content. Read on […]

We aim be the leading provider of quality content: Producer Jyoti Gupta

It’s not often that we get to hear some rather interesting tips from producers themselves. But this time, Jyoti Gupta, the successful producer of the show Queens Hain Hum which airs on & TV opens up about his journey in the entertainment business and just what it takes to create bold, interesting content. Read on to know more…

How and when did you start Silver Ivory productions?

Well, 22 years back when I landed in Mumbai from my hometown Lakhimpur Kheri (UP), I started my carrier as a producer. Back then, I made a few pilot episodes for Doordarshan Metro, B4U and Zee TV. However, none of my shows could see the light of the day. The show for DD Metro didn’t get the sponsors, B4U closed down as a channel and Zee TV rejected it due to change in programming after a hold of six months.

After that, I started working as a freelancer, giving my production expertise to various production houses, but it was always at the back of my mind, that someday I will start my own production house again. That’s how Silver Ivory Productions came into existence in the year 2010.

Queens Hain Hum is a very unique and bold subject. Don’t you think it was a risky decision to make a debut as a producer with this show?

Not at all. Actually, we were very kicked off with the fact that we are getting a chance to produce such a show which is very unique in terms of storytelling and is not a regular GEC show. And we were sure that, since the subject is bold, it will create a lot of buzz which will eventually help us as producers.

Industry folks are saying that you have a lot of guts to make such a bold show. You have also maintained high production values on Queens. Tell us about that…  

We are glad that we are getting such good response from people in the industry. Also, this was expected because our entire TV Industry is looking for a change in programming and is open to experimenting with new ideas. Everyone wants to infuse freshness in content, and when someone does that, appreciation is inevitable. About the high production values, we would like to say that our company’s motto is to deliver the best quality product without compromising on creativity, so that we could become assets to our clients, and not a liability.

There has been some buzz about the ratings of your show and even rumours of it going off air. Please clarify if there is any truth to these.

Yes, there were rumours like this doing the rounds, because of one wrong reporting by a reputed publication house. After that, everyone started picking up the same story and making news out of it without even confirming with the production house or channel representatives.

Regarding our ratings, let me tell you, when you do something different it will take time for people to accept and appreciate it. So, when you make a different show, you just make it and don’t think about the ratings. All said and done, ratings are an important part of the game and we are working towards it. We are trying to do various things to spike them while maintaining the quality of the show.

The show is getting time slot of 6.30 in the evening. Why?

Well, it’s our channel’s strategy on which we cannot comment. However, we see this as a positive thing because our show is based around the lives of five Modern Women who are very real. So, this early evening slot will attract our small town audiences, who will realize that all women (urban or rural) have similar stories when it comes to emotions and dealing with the society. This way, it will help bring in more audience to the channel.

The repeat telecast is at 11.30 pm. Do you think it will help?

It’s a boon for us, because we were getting lots of complaint from so many urban audiences, especially the men that they are missing out on our show because there is no repeat telecast at night. By the time they come back home show is over. So now, it’s a chance for them to catch the show late at night.

Do you think instead of 8 pm the time slot should have been late night?

Yes, initially we felt that being a show with bold content,  it should have been given a late night slot, because 8 PM is a complete family viewing time. But the channel has their own strategy and research, and we feel that when you are making a different show, it’s no good bothering about the slot. Just give it your best shot – that’s all that matters, because someone has to break the shackles of dull programming!

The title of the show is quite unique too...

Yes it is. The show is about five young, modern women who are very real. When you see them, you realise that all the women in the universe are like Queens in their own way. They give birth to you, they nurture you, they love you, they protect you, they guide you, they motivate you and they take care of your home too. You realise that you are nothing without them. That’s why we started calling them Queens. Later on, we specified differentiated each woman with her unique skill, like Kitchen Queen, Beauty Queen, Bold Queen etc. and that’s how the title Queens Hain Hum came to be.

What is your vision for the company?

Silver Ivory Productions endeavours to be an asset to their clients and achieve eventful association. We aim to be the leading provider of quality content and to be the preferred production house for fiction and nonfiction programs across all GECs. As I have earlier mentioned, in today’s cut throat competition, we want to be an asset to our client by providing them cost effective quality content without compromising on creativity and quality. We are looking forward to work with the best freelance professionals in the business and at the same time we will always be on the lookout of new talents who come up with fresh ideas.

What changes you find in the industry over the years?

Well, the biggest change which I am seeing is that now, because of the cut throat competition, there is no guarantee that the show which you are working on will ever see the light of the day. Earlier, producers were given green signal just by narrating a plot. But today, you really need to work hard on the project after which you reach the stage of pilot episode, research etc. So, till the time your show doesn’t come on air, you can’t relax and have to keep on working like crazy!


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