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Dev Dixit is the perfect family man any girl could wish for

5 Things Every Man should learn from Dev Dixit aka Shaheer Sheikh

Indian Fiction Romance Television Series, Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi featured Sonakshi aka Erica and Dev aka Shaheer in lead roles.

Well, Dev’s character is not just meant for making girls go weak at their knees, but he can also give some serious relationship goals to the men of this era. So, here are 5 things We Miss About Dev Dixit aka Shaheer Sheikh of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi. So,

if you are also a crazy fan of Dev Dixit, you will surely agree with us.

A little bit of jealousy is important in a relationship: Its cool that today’s man is just least bothered about his better half personal space. But sometimes girls want their partners to get jealous and want them to demand their Haq (right). So, it’s cool to get jealous sometimes like Dev gets jealous of Jatin.

Fitness comes first irrespective of your age: One might have seen how Dev is a fitness freak. We agree all the young men out there are not actors, but at least all of them can do regular exercise to keep themselves fit.

Bonding with kids is important: Dev understood that kids crave for importance and time from their parents, but most of us fail to give them their share of time. He understands the need of the hour well.

True love never dies: In this era, believing in true love is a little difficult but it exists. True love never dies. Dev and Sonakshi even when they weren’t together, but Dev still cared for her. But ultimately, they come together.

You should never forget your past hardships: Dev has seen a lot in life. As a child, he never had access to a lot of things. He played the role of a successful entrepreneur who never forgot his past hardships, which made him a wonderful person.

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