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Five things any girl can relate to Niti Taylor are here!

5 Things about Niti Taylor that every girl next door can relate to

Niti Taylor is one actor who is very active on social media, or can we say the lady likes to keep her fans and followers updated about what’s going on in her life always. A youth icon after her stint in MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan, Niti has a huge fan following on social media.

The actress also has a great sense of fashion and one looks at her social media account which proves that she is no different than any other girls but just little more attention and she looks very cute and simple yet beautiful.
If girls want a buddy like her, guys want to take someone like her home to mommy. Even mommies want their daughters to be an ideal one like Niti. Her girl-next-door appeal, combined with her tender age makes her a deadly combination to watch out for.

We found five interesting things about Niti Taylor that any girl can relate to:

Childish but sensible: She is a girl who can annoy you but at the same time can make you smile too. The childish nature with innocence tadka makes Niti the best girl.

Acting: There’s no denying that she is a good actress who can own a TV show on her shoulders alone. Whether it’s the romantic scenes, emotional ones or attitude-Esque banter, this girl can work her magic in every department. What else do we fans need, eh?

Prettiest: Accept it, the small screen is made up of faces that are easy on the eyes. Niti, with her porcelain skin, beautiful eyes and charming smile, is definitely one of the prettiest faces on TV. We love her for her cute-ie avatar. What about you guys?

Sweet and polite: Anyone who has fame and name can act according to their will but Niti is not that type of girl. She knows how to keep her fans happy and being polite and humble is the best way she is ruling their minds.

Selfie queen: Yes! You saw that right. She is a selfie queen and so are all others, right girls? She is very much addicted to selfies and keeps posting selfies every now and then on her social sites.

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