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Over the years we have come across some of our favorite shoes on television. These shows have gifted us with some of the best actresses we have ever known, not only due to their acting skills but also their outfits and hairstyles. One such star we all know is Jennifer Aniston and we’re here to tell you more about her.

Best hairstyles of Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in FRIENDS

FRIENDS is by far one of the most loved American shows ever made the show was loved ever since it was first screened in the mid-90s. It developed a fan base of millions all over the world till the mid-2000s and this comes as no surprise to us considering what an amazing show it truly was. In fact. We still screen the show on platforms like Netflix and others. The show was loved mainly due to the close bond it showed between a group of friends and it’s witty humor.

Apparently the show has also gifted us with our favorite character, Rachel Greene who was played by the fabulous Jennifer Aniston. The actress was loved ever since we first spotted her on the show. She is loved for her amazing acting skills and is practically the sweetheart of the American telly world. Apart from her work, she is also loved for her dressing sense on the show which was simply chic. She was seen in everything ranging from overalls to a T-shirt, skirt and stockings combination to pretty dresses. But what really stood out to us is her changing hairstyles through all the seasons. At the beginning we saw her with let down natural waves then we saw her moving to pin-straight hair and beach waves and even neat up-dos, all of which she aced perfectly.

We hope to see more of Jennifer’s amazing works and looks on screen in the future. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favorite celebs.

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