Have a look at the various avatars of Kulfi

Different avatars of Aakriti Sharma aka Kulfi from ‘Kullfi Kumar Bajewala’

Aakriti Sharma, the child actor, is multi-talented. She is majorly known as Kulfi, after her lead role in ‘Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala’, a Star Plus show. She gained a lot of popularity, thanks to her onscreen charm and acting skills.

As we know, she is a talented actor and makes the audience’s heart melt with her performing skills. She is multi-talented and has a unique style that can be seen on her social media.

She is also very versatile. This is reflected in the way she portrays her character Kulfi. We get to see multiple avatars of Kulfi and her personality.

Have a look at some of the different avatars that Aakriti Sharma, aka Kulfi, has portrayed.

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