See how Shivangi Joshi takes care of her hair

How to Maintain Healthy Hair Like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Actress Shivangi Joshi?

If you are talking about any actress these days, then Shivangi Joshi has to be on the list. The actress has started her career for a long time and now she has become a celebrity and known in every house. Her character Naira from the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata has become a household name in every Indian family. Shivangi stunned everyone with not only her acting but fashion skills also.

If we talk of any actress, not just her acting but her eyes, hair, face, fashion and looks are considered nowadays, right? But Shivangi Joshi seems to have mastered all the above with ease, she is just perfect. Her hair is one of the main features of why she is the best among her competitors.

Not all the actresses can afford to have long hair, right? As they all know how much they have to maintain that big and sleeky hair, Shivangi Joshi has shiny and silky hair and she also knows how to protect them.

Shivangi Joshi is seen in long and loose hair, tying the upper bun, having curls, and also keeping them all straight, and she looked very pretty and sexy in all those hairstyles. The reason behind her amazing hair is her very neat examining and taking care of her hair.

Along with her smooth and glowing skin, Shivangi Joshi takes good care of her hair. She does nothing different than any regular girl does, she regularly oils her hair and keeps massaging the same. She also steams her hair which helps them to be in smooth condition. Also, she believes that if you trim your hair after every 3 months then your hair growth increases. Trimming increases the growth in hair.

Shivangi Joshi loves to keep her tie as her open hair gets spoiled easily. She generally keeps a simple braid on her hair. She also uses shampoo daily and uses conditioner to smoothen them.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair Like Shivangi Joshi? 1

How to Maintain Healthy Hair Like Shivangi Joshi? 2

How to Maintain Healthy Hair Like Shivangi Joshi? 3

How to Maintain Healthy Hair Like Shivangi Joshi? 4

How to Maintain Healthy Hair Like Shivangi Joshi? 5

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We wish Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata actress Shivangi Joshi very good luck for her upcoming endeavors!

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