The man you know, not his journey

Parth Samthaan’s weight loss journey from 110 kgs to 68 kg

Parth Samthaan, who is now one of the hottest TV actors, recently revealed that he once weighed 110 kg and that the doctors had warned him that if it continued, he would suffer a heart attack.

From once being overweight to now being the hunk that he is, his transformation was not an easy one.

He is known for his chocolate boy role in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan as Manik and now he is seen romancing Erica Fernandes in Kasautii Zindagi Kay.

“When I was on the heavier side, I used to hog on some dishes made by my mother which had chicken and egg in it. My sister used to make halwa for me. Even now when she comes by, she makes it; however, I eat a small part of it,” he said(laughing)

When asked about his struggle while weight loss he told media, “I took it seriously. I am a very extreme person so when I did weight loss, I became very finicky, I used to even count my calories when I drank a glass of water. I lost around 32 kg in 4 months which isn’t easy. Even my trainer told me.”

On asking whether the girls used to like him before or not, he said, “I was a shy kid. Talking to girls was impossible. Girls never looked at me, honestly but I never got offended by it. I also remember the transformation phase where the same girls texted me asking if I am the same guy who used to be chubby.”

Now looking at him and his precious smile, charming face, cute gesture, trimmed beard, and perfect haircut, any girl would go mad.

Right girls?

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