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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is a daily soap that airs on Star Plus. The serial showcases the love story between Abir and Mishti.

Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma’s FUN Moments

Star Plus popular Television show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke has been grabbing eyeballs ever since its first telecast and one of the main reasons is the chemistry between the lead characters Abir and Mishti, fondly known as MishBir. This Jodi has had many cute moments on the show and here let us recollect some of their Best FUN moments.

One of the cutest moments is when Abir persuades Mishti to be his Paragliding parter. Mishti who was scared got finally convinced, lets her fear go and they paraglide. Mishti loved the entire adventure and saw the world through Abir’s eyes for the first time. The experience was simply exhilarating and as soon they landed she runs towards Abir and hugs him happily. It was funny but cute at the same time.

Abir helps Mishti with her dress zipper while sharing an eye lock. That scene was beautifully portrayed and the two later sings a song together while Kunal and Kuhu watch. They share a cute romantic moment when the power suddenly goes off in the club. It was also the first time Mishti starts developing feelings for Abir. The scene was funny as when power was back, both were still lost in each other.

Kuhu recalls how she got angry at Kunal for adding alcohol in Nishant’s drink while realizing she did the same. Suddenly, Mishti comes running to Kuhu and hits her and Kuhu drops the pills. Mishti thus takes coffee for everyone while Kuhu searches for the pills. Kuhu gets scared as she dropped the pill in one of the cups but couldn’t decide which one. Here Kuhu gives coffee to all while Meenakshi thinks that Kuhu has dropped pills in Mishti’s coffee. Abeer shuffles the cup leaving Kuhu tenser. Abeer tells Mishti about it and the duo have fun on the rooftop while gazing at the stars.

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