Love moments from Tujhse Hai Raabta

Tujhse Hai Raabta #KalyaniAndMalhar LOVE Moments

The popular daily Tujhse Hai Raabta, produced by Full House Media, has been coming up with a perfect blend of drama and suspense in its recent episodes. The show has been grabbing eyeballs since it started. From its amazing storyline that focuses on a stepmother-daughter relationship and a great cast to boot, the show has been high on the charts too.

But among other things, the television serial has also been a huge success among its viewers, thanks to the romantic track between the show’s lead pair, Kalyani Deshmukh (Reem Shaikh) & ACP Malhar Rane (Sehban Azim). Right from the get-go, the great chemistry showcased between Kalyani and Malhar had the viewers hooked. The reel life couple has been fondly named as ‘KalMa’ by their fans.

It wasn’t mutual attraction but a forced marriage that brought the two together. It was especially lovely to watch Malhar realize that Kalyani is innocent and cares for Moksh like a mother. In stolen glances and comforting touches, the two have shared numerous cute moments that have melted our hearts.

They hated each other from the beginning, with Malhar hell-bent on making Kalyani’s life difficult by holding her responsible, but there’s always a third person helping you and look who we have here! Baby Moksh came to the rescue.

Looking at the two, it’s obvious they are meant to be!

Let’s enjoy some love moments from Malhar and Kalyani’s love story:

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