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Check out the fitness routine of Shaheer Sheikh to gain big muscles!

Want Big Biceps Like Shaheer Sheikh? You Must Try THESE Workouts In GYM

Fitness is the key to stay healthy these days and when we have most of the people sticking at their home and doing work from home, all we have to do is take some small tips from our telly star Shaheer Sheikh who motivates us with his various workout exercises.

The heartthrob of television, Shaheer Sheikh has been ruling the audience for the past one decade. The handsome man is known for his splendid looks and acting. His fashion and style are above all. We all have witnessed how as a person Shaheer Sheikh has evolved. Right from being the college boy who loves to play guitar and entertain to being the responsible family person, not only his character in the show but also as a person, Shaheer Sheikh has evolved.

We all saw how Shaheer Sheikh made amazing body transformation for his role as Arjun in Mahabharat. He gained weight and went from skinny to bulky. His looks were the same but the body has changed a lot. All thanks to his dedication and fitness mantra, Shaheer Sheikh loves to workout and it started when he transformed himself.

Despite the hectic and busy schedule, Shaheer Sheikh takes his time to go to the gym and get his six abs to flaunt. He loves to do most of the cardio exercise. Running, jogging, swimming are some of his favorite exercises. His diet meal is more concentrated than 90% healthy and 10% junk. Being an ardent fitness lover, he workouts 2 hours when he hits a gym. He concentrates more on his chest and biceps. Talking of biceps, we have seen his broad biceps, all sexy.

On the work front, Shaheer Sheikh is seen as Abir Rajvansh in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke alongside the beautiful and confident Rhea Sharma.

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