The workout and meal plan of Mohit Raina is something we would look upon!

Want To Be Fit Like Mohit Raina? Check Out His Workout And Meal Plan

When it comes to fitness, we become very lazy, right? Either you can sleep and eat a lot sitting at your home, or you can take your ass off the bed and commence acting out to be fit. Someone said it is easy to achieve but difficult to maintain your fitness, well said, to prove these rights, we have the URI star, Mohit Raina giving us a meal plan.

Starting his debut with being a small screen actor then turning towards Bollywood and becoming one of the most successful stars, Mohit Raina has made some strong acting statements. As a teenager, he used to weigh around 107 kg but when he wanted to do modeling in a contest so he lost damn 29 kilos and here he is!

The exercise of Mohit Raina keeps on changing according to the weather, if it is raining outside, Mohit does a lot of indoor exercises to stay fit and if it isn’t raining, he loves to do swimming, running and playing an outdoor sport. According to him, play an outdoor sport that makes your body free. Also, when in the gym, Mohit Raina loves to do core chest and biceps exercises.

The actor wakes up early in the morning and prepares his chart according to his body weight. He takes proteins according to his weight. He begins his day with a moderately heated glass of water and consumes sweet potato before workout and protein shake after. For breakfast, he has oatmeal and fruits. At lunch, he loves to have chicken, some pulses, and a lot of veggies. At dinner, he only takes salad and soup.

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