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Cute and adorable Kaira’s scenes will make you love them even more

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira’s FUNNIEST But Cute Scenes Ever 6

Kaira is one of the cutest Jodi ever of ITV, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s Jodi nailed in every scene and viewers feel connected with every emotion of Kaira. However, Mohsin and Shivangi who play Kaira are very natural in cute scenes and made scenes unforgettable.

Naira started doubting that she gets pregnant and tells Kartik about her doubted pregnancy, and Kartik left shocked and fell on the mattress too cutely. It was so cute and funny scene like a must watchable scene. The first meet of Kaira was on Ganga Ghat. Kaira firstly collides and begins cute fights and Naira said Kartik “Mendhak” and her cute dialogue later, “Bade aaye the hero banne, rafting karne, Mendhak Kahin ke Tar, Tar, Tar” made the scene hilarious and cute too.

All girls and boys gang decided to celebrate Yash and Rose’s bachelorhood and throw a party but they collide at the same place by coincidence and the girl’s party theme was Halloween. Naira suggested doing ghost prank with boys. She scared Kartik with her scary look and it was so cute and funny scene.

After lots of hurdles and fights, Kaira finally gets married and now it is the time of “Suhagraat”, but what’s this? “Kartik so Gaya”. It was cutest and funny suhagraat ever, and even more cute when Naira teases Kartik for this. too cute scene which makes us aww for Kaira.

Didn’t they compel us to say AWW?

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