In a behind the screen candid conversation with Prince.

Prince talks about not partying to celebrate any of his wins on the sets of MTV Roadies Xtreme

Many find it difficult to deal with the fame and fan following that comes with winning a show but Prince Narula has got it all figured out. In a behind the screen candid conversation with Divya Agarwal, Prince talks about his hunger to be on top throughout his career and his focus on utilizing his time to make the best of it.

Prince explains that he always understood that the fame and success that came with winning all these reality show was short lived, he knew that soon there would be another show, another winner and so on. To achieve his goals he had to put all his energy in the right direction and shift his focus without being caught up in any distractions. Prince decided to NOT PARTY AT ALL until he accomplished all his goals in life.

Talking about this extreme decision , Prince says, “Maine isliyea party nai kari, maine bola ki mai life mein jab uss mukaam pe paunch jaunga jahan mujhe paunchna hai, uske baad mai party karunga. Itni party karunga ki tab mujhe log rokenge ki , “RUK JAA PRINCE.””

Focused, hardworking, and determined with three back to back wins and now a gang leader, guess time will tell us what’s more to be added in his merit list.

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