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Interesting updates in Sony TV.

Prithvi’s execution to be stopped in Sony TV’s Prithvi Vallabh

Sony Entertainment Television’s Prithvi Vallabh (Writer’s Galaxy) has been entertaining viewers for quite a long time now.

As seen so far, Mrinal (Sonarika Bhadoria) gives death punishment to Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) for making their scripture.

According to source, Mrinal will go to execute Prithvi as per his last wish, but he would suddenly kisses her. Angry Mrinal will stab him with her sword as revenge. He will be badly injured. Meanwhile, Himraj will come and stop the execution because Prithvi is a Gajkesari.

Later, Himraj would leave for Manyakhet when Prithvi will feel better.

What will happen next? How will Mrinal manage to seek revenge from Prithvi?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with the actors for comment.

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