Sreejita De pose in a gold bikini while holidaying in Kashmir in an attempt to recreate Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian's bikini photos in the snow.

It was really amazing to be in a bikini in -10 degrees: Sreejita De

Enchanting beauty Sreejita De, who rose to fame with ‘Uttaran’ and last seen in Nazar, is ruling the internet.

Wondering why?

The actress posted a couple of pictures of herself where she is seen standing in the snow-filled balcony of Kashmir in a sexy metallic gold bikini. The actress apparently took the minus 10-degree challenge to experience ‘how it feels’. Her pic has gone viral on internet.

When contacted she said, “I wanted to see how it feels in a bikini in -10 degrees so I challenged myself. It was really an amazing experience to be in the snow for 20-25 mins to click these pictures and it was freezing cold too but out of excitement I didn’t feel it. I didn’t realise that these pics will go viral.”

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