Mishal Raheja turns singer collaborating with the best in Hollywood

Hollywood calling for Mishal Raheja, collaborates with Grammy award winner!

Actor Mishal Raheja walks the untraveled path making his way direct to Hollywood as the Laagi Tujhse Lagan actor turns singer collaborating with the best in Hollywood.

Business magnate, actor & producer Mishal Raheja joins the club of the talented Indian artists who’ve put India on the world map with his big Hollywood debut as a singer in collaboration with Hemaa Sardesai.

As per sources, Tony Mercedes, a music publisher with four Grammy nominations & one Grammy award has produced the music single shot in LA during his last trip to the States. Double whammy as another Grammy award winner Jared Lee Gosselin is the sound engineer for Mishal’s first Hollywood single.

Mishal and Hema have been personally looking into the details as the single will be launched worldwide this December. We hear there is a major launch party slated before the release in New York followed by a launch party in Delhi.

It’s exciting to see Mishal go west and that too as a singer in such a big way!

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