The lady has some special tashan…

Is Neha the new Neta on MTV Roadies Rising?

Neha Dhupia surely has been blessed with the gift of gab. This femme fatale surely has the ability to secure, sell on and totally slay! Neha’s love for her gang is not hidden from other leaders and members. She has always been seen supporting her gang and go the extra mile to save them from being eliminated.

The upcoming episode of MTV Roadies Rising will see Neha Dhupia’s gang running in a special election against Prince Narula’s gang as they reach Alwar in Rajasthan. Jagruti from Prince’s gang will be seen competing against Shweta from Neha’s gang. While Neha and Prince’s gangs will be making pleas to Alwar’s residents, Neha Dhupia will also be seen getting on the bandwagon and making the final appeal for votes. While addressing the residents of Alwar Neha connected with them on a different level. Other gang leaders were in awe of Neha while she made her last appeal.

Commenting on the task, Neha said, “When it comes to saving and making your gang the ruling one, a lot of gang leaders don’t know what to say. When I was going on stage, I had no clue. But I totally got into a politician mode.”

Will Neha’s appeal make her gang member win the election?

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