Sony SAB’s ‘Pushpa Impossible’ narrates the heartwarming tale of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) as a resilient woman who takes life’s challenges head-on, without losing hope. In recent episodes, viewers witnessed that after losing the members of Bapodara Chawl are coming to terms with the loss of Ashwin’s (Naveen Pandita) best friend Bhaskar
(Vikram Mehta).

In the upcoming episodes, tension mounts as the media leaks a voice recording of Bapodara (Jayesh Bharbhaya) talking to MLA Patil (Sharukh Sadri) on Prarthana’s case, who has been accused of hitting Bhaskar’s bike with her car. The media lashes at the Pushpa family and wants to hold a press conference with Bapodara and Prarthana. However, Prarthana gets numb at the conference and is unable to speak. At that moment, her husband Chirag (Darshan Gurjar) stands up for her. Prarthana is ridden by guilt as Bhaskar’s wife Ashavari (Mansi Jain) hasn’t accepted
her apology. With much guilt in her heart, Pushpa decides to send her to her uncle’s place atJunagadh without Chirag to heal from the trauma.

Indraxi Kanjilal, who essays the role of Prarthana, said, “Prarthana is having a tough time after everything that has happened. She feels guilty about Bhaskar’s subsequent death after the accident and thinks everyone is upset with her being around. So, she decides to go somewhere else for a little while and agrees with Pushpa’s idea of going to Junagadh. She doesn’t want to be alone and hence wants her husband to go as well, however, her mother-in-law, Pushpa decides that it would be wise if she goes alone. Even though this has left Prarthana fuming, she still decides to go ahead as she knows that this will help everyone, including herself. It’s a difficult decision, but she hopes it’s for the best.” Tune in to watch Pushpa Impossible only on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 9:30 PM