The director speaks about his views on the cuts suggested for television viewing by Censor Board on the occasion of World Television Premiere of Udta Punjab

Television is a medium that is available to majority of the people in India: Abhishek Chaubey

A rockstar, a migrant labourer, a cop and a doctor; four parallel lives and amidst them lie the overpowering menace of drug abuse in the affluent state of Punjab. &pictures, Naye India Ka Blockbuster Movie Channel brings to you the World Television Premiere of Udta Punjab on Sunday, 30th April at 12 Noon.  Directed by Abhishek Chaubey, this film starring Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh reflected on the deep rooted drug problem in Punjab, an epidemic that has preyed upon majority of youngsters in the state. Creating a furor during its theatrical release, this film endeavored to speak out and that too with flair and courage.  While the theatrical release got into limelight for the cuts suggested by the censor board the television premiere was a much welcomed moved by the director.

Speaking on the same, Abhishek Chaubey said, “Television is a medium that is available to majority of the people in India. Today, the nature of cuts asked is acceptable. In theatres, there is a provision where adults or only adults can walk in and at that time we should have the ability to express and stretch ourselves in the best interest of the film. Whereas when television is concerned, it is a medium that is accessible to people from all walks of life and all age groups. As a film-maker, I am responsible enough to understand that the content of my film cannot be shown to a child. So the kind of cuts that were asked for TV viewing were truly acceptable to me.”

Udta Punjab revolved around Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor), who is an accidental rockstar with a heap of youngsters raving for him. A habitual drug addict, his world of adulation and money comes to a halt when he encounters a Bihari migrant (Alia Bhatt), who has become an unfortunate victim in this brutal game. Also in this muddle is Sartaj (Diljit Dosanjh), a corrupt cop completely wary of all illegal practices. All goes well till a feisty doctor Preet (Kareena Kapoor) who runs a rehab starts having a strong influence on him.

Watch the intense drama ‘Udta Punjab’ on Sunday, 30th April at 12 PM, only on &pictures.

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