Review of Krishna Chali London: Enjoyable and entertaining

It has all the ingredients i.e. songs, light humor, drama

Review of Krishna Chali London: Enjoyable and entertaining

Saurabh Tewari is known for making massy and entertaining shows (Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and Mahek). He has kept up the same tempo in his latest Star Plus offering, Krishna Chali London.

Most TV shows today, are no longer set in Mumbai, but in the Hindi heartland. Hence this story, about district topper, Krishna (Megha Chakraborty), who wants to become a London-returned doctor, but is forced by circumstances to get married, is also set in Kanpur.

The boy ,Radhe (Gaurav Sareen), is, as usual, a rich guy’s good-for-nothing son. (Wonder where the bright boys are). Like most guys his age, his only agenda is to get married. Gaurav brings out the youthful exuberance of Radhe well; the scene where he accidently smudges Krishna’s pic, was fun.

The hero always has to have a Man Friday; enter best friend, Sajjan and his dimwitted better half, Gundan. The latter propagates the theory that most still believe in– that a girl’s no also means yes. The scene where Radhe gets tipsy drinking cola was funny. Just how smitten he is was proved when he agreed to become an animal at her jagrata.

Megha is doing a good job as Krishna, but to be honest, her character is just like any other girl’s, so far. Let’s wait and watch.

The fun and games are provided by Radhe’s rich father, who is hell bent on getting an educated daughter-in-law to earn the respect of the Joneses. In a way, this insistence proves to be a blessing in disguise for Radhe, for he is now free to marry Krishna. But first, the old man wants dowry.

One big departure that we have noticed is that the story is being told more from Radhe’s perspective, as opposed to Krishna’s, even though she is the title bearer. Wonder how Saurabh will balance both; male-skewed stories have a different bend, compared to normal, female-dominated tales.

Radhe’s elder sis (Pew Jana) and brother-in-law, Matuk babu, will surely have lots to do in the coming days and weeks.

The mother characters in both the families are loud, guilt-tripping with élan. Sushmita Mukherjee is doing a superb job as Krishna’s motherly chichi.

Krishna’sfather is a kasba doctor-turned-vet. The scene where he promises operations at budgeted rates brings a smile to our faces.

The relationship between Krishna and Prashant (Ishaan Singh Manhas) is unique. Since he is supposedly family, they can’t show a relationship, as that would be incestuous. But the equation between both does not seem like a brother-sister one. Would love to see how this pans out. We will not be surprised if this love triangle becomes quadrilateral, with the entry of another woman in Radhe’s life.

Radhe’s elder brother is a typical man, who always keeps his wife under a pallu. He also has a perpetual scowl on his face, expect a back story.

Being true to its Kanpuri roots, the dialogues are very earthy, and one actually feels transported to the back lanes of this former Manchester of the East.

To be honest, we enjoyed the initial fare; it has all the ingredients i.e. songs, light humor, drama- just what the doctor ordered. But yes, as the show will progress, high drama will unfold, so far so good.

Mass big-ticket shows always have a film angle of the seventies; this is no different. The first schedule of any show has a lot of exteriors, but soon things will shift to a Mumbai studio, with more interior scenes.

We will surely wait to see how the story moves to London, where Krishna wants to go, to fulfill her dreams. The narrative will also touch the age-old issue of whether the educated bahu should work, or just waste her knowledge in the kitchen.

The first few weeks’ ratings will tell which way the wind is blowing. If numbers come, the London part will be delayed, if not pronto.

Would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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