Anjali Tatrari talks about Amneet’s sangeet in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

Amber and Guneet’s sangeet function is retro special in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is much-loved for its progressive storyline and the performances by its lead characters. The show is about Niya Sharma (Anjali Tatrari) who was on a mission to find a suitable bride for her father Amber Sharma (Varun Badola), finally found the right one in Guneet Sikka (Shweta Tiwari). Now that the Amber & Guneet have found true love in each other, Niya Sharma, has become the official Wedding Planner of #Amneet’s wedding. Niya has taken full charge of all the functions.

After a memorable Roka ceremony and a fun Bachelorette party, the family is gearing up to celebrate the Sangeet function. Niya is a stickler for perfection, be it in her professional or personal life. Now that she has donned the hat of the Wedding Planner, she is making sure the bride and groom are happy with all the functions of the wedding ceremony. So the theme for the much-awaited Sangeet function is Retro special. All the family members and friends will be seen dressed in 70s’ styled outfits. Niya will be seen donning a red jumpsuit with a polka-dotted black and white shirt, whereas Amber Sharma will wear a bellbottom trousers and plaid blazer. And, Guneet will be seen rocking the 70s look, which is inspired by the veteran actor Mumtaz. Guneet is looking stunning in a bright orange sari draped in the classic retro style. Keeping up with theme, everyone will be seen performing on evergreen classics from the 60s’ and 70s’ era.

Talking about the Sangeet celebrations, Anjali Tatrari says, “True to the theme, everyone is seen wearing the 70s look. It was something different for all of us. Also, my on screen dad, Amber Sharma is so fond of Hindi classics that we decided to have the bride and groom dance to the popular 60’s and 70’s Bollywood music. Amneet’s sangeet is going to be a rocking affair! We had such a great time shooting for the episode as all of us enjoyed the celebratory mood on set.”

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