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Want natural skin and hair like Anita Hassanandani? Learn her beauty regime!

This Is Anita Hassanandani’s Beauty Secret To Natural Skin And Hair

We have seen many actresses flaunting their beauty and some just faking their beauty. To bring to your notice, we have many actresses not only in Bollywood but also in telly who are above the ’40s but still give a tough competition to many young and beautiful teenagers. And among them, we have our favorite tall and good-looking Anita Hassanandani and she will share her beauty secrets to natural skin and hair.

Who would have thought that even at the age of 39 you would have such glowing skin and gorgeous hair? Well, Anita Hassanandani of Naagin is one of the kind! She is smart, talented, sexy but most importantly beautiful. She is 39 and still sexy and how! Right from her subtle makeup to her special skincare, Anita Hassanandani has come a long way.

The first thing Anita Hassanandani thinks is to have a healthy body and a calm mind to stress less and it will not affect your skin. Thinking positively as far as possible in every situation is the key to good health. As all the actresses stress a lot, they forget to get enough water. Adding a small pinch of salt in 1 liter of water is a must. Washing your feet regularly with cold water helps to build your skin again. Also, never move out of your home without sunblock as the tanning will be darker in the bright sun.

Talking of Anita Hassanandani’s hair, she loves to flaunt her long hair. Taking care of your hair is crucial as our hair needs neat care. The best way to keep your hair in the condition is by oiling with coconut oil. This is the major reason why Anita Hassanandani can have a variety of hairstyles to her name. The most important thing, we must keep our hair hydrated.

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