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Ankit Mohan’s new tattoos have an interesting back story to it. Read here.

Ankit Mohan gifts himself two ‘unique’ tattoos

Ankit Mohan the talented and versatile actor who was recently seen in the MX Player series Ek Thi Begum has had a fascination for ‘tattoos’. It was a dream come true moment for him when he recently got himself ‘tattooed’.

Ankit has gifted himself with two amazing tattoos. The best aspect about it is that the design and thought behind having them is unique and interesting.

The Shiv and Maa tattoo is placed at the center of his back. The second tattoo on his leg, near the calf muscle has the incredible Thor with R marked on it (stands for his wife Ruchi Savarn).


“I am a strong believer of Lord Shiva and I guess he came on me by himself. May be after lot of ups and downs, I am worthy enough to have him. He will look after me for the rest of my life. And I attached MAA to it because I love my mom more than anybody in the world,” Ankit says on his first tattoo.

Says Ankit, “The second tattoo is dedicated to my wife Ruchi Savarn and Thor. I got to know people’s real personality during this lockdown. Only these two souls did not leave me alone all through this tough time. For me these two will walk by my side no matter how tough the situation and circumstances will be.”

“I thank Indian Inc Tattoo by Harsh and Parth,” says Ankit.

Wow!! Too good, Ankit!!

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