Best show of 2020: Barrister Babu or Anupamaa?

Anupamaa VS Barrister Babu: Your Favorite Latest Show Of 2020?

When it comes to the bright and creative Tv shows, not many of the directors and producers make it very big. But few producers make us love them with their amazing pick of the story and the cast, two such productions we are fond of are Director’s Kut Productions and Shashi Sumeet Productions. Over the years they brought us many popular shows and this time too, they made a unique place in the mind of their fans with the shows Anupamaa and Barrister Babu.

Anupamaa is one of the best shows under the Director’s Kut Productions. The show is the remake of the Marathi serial Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte. Anupamaa is the story of a housewife Anupamaa Shah who fulfills all the needs of her family without thinking of her happiness. The role of Anupamaa is played by Rupali Ganguly. Sudhanshu Pandey plays her husband Vanraj Shah while Paras Kalnawat plays Anupamaa’s son. We also have Madalsa Sharma as Kavya. She is a colleague and love interest of Vanraj.

On the other hand, we have Barrister Babu, produced by the popular production house, Shashi Sumeet Productions. The show is about a small girl Bondita Das played by Aurra Bhatnagar who is married to Anirudh Roy Choudhary played by Pravisht Mishra in her childhood days. Later, Anirudh fights with society for Bondita’s education. He wants to make her a barrister.

Now with both the shows coming up with the impactful stories, we can’t decide which is the best show, will you help us?

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