Reem Shaikh is good-looking and we get to see her beauty secrets here.

The Beauty Secrets Of Reem Shaikh

Reem Shaikh the talented and young actor of Tujhse Hai Raabta is extremely beautiful and looks hot in the sensuous dresses that she gets to don.

She has great skin and has really good hair. In an interview to media, Reem had said that she is a foodie but keeps a huge check on what she eats. As per her, even if you do not work out, if you have the right kind of diet, you can surely stay fit!! Wow, that is a great tip!!

Reem for the past many years, lives on a gluten-free diet.

And for her hair, she sees to it that she washes it every alternate day. And also uses oil whenever she can. She has always had the passion of becoming a heroine from childhood and has this habit of leaving her hair open. But for all, her advice is to not allow knots to form on the hair.

For her glowing skin, she drinks as much as water as possible. She feels that one needs to know their skin type and also be aware of what kind of food they can take and what to avoid. She is allergic to peanuts, which give out pimples on her face.

Reem uses the liquid foundation more and always sees to it that she washes off her makeup after the shoot.

So have you gained some beauty tips from Reem here?

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