Star Bharat' all new mythological show RadhaKrishn is everything you would want to know about Radha and Krishna

Big fan of mythological series? Star Bharat’ RadhaKrishn is for you

Who isn’t a fan of the divinely enchanting love story of Radha and Krishna? When it comes to mythology and worshipping gods, Hindus have always revered the story of Radha and Krishna and ever little bit of their divine love story is etched in the memory of devotees.

Now if you are a devotee of Radha and Krishna then there is a show on Star Bharat that is just for you! Star Bharat is producing a show exclusively on the eons old love story of Radha and Krishna and the show has received rave revirws in just a few months of airing on the silver screen. The jovial meeting of the juvenile Radha and Krishna, and the love between them will make you absolutely cry with tears of joy and ecstasy.

If you are a big fan of mythological series and have grown up watching the Mahabharata in your house then you absolutely will not want to miss this series. It has everything that one needs to be entertained, enchanted and awestruck at the same time- drama, action, romance and a lot of sanctity.

The actors also are giving their best and we have to give a special mention to the stage and all the set-ups that Star Bharat has created. From the exotic gardens to the playful Meadows and from rich dwellings to the authentic market places, the feel of the show is completely eons old and audiences don’t feel the sets are from this generation either!

The show also strictly follows the conventional story and timelines as per the scriptures and everything is much more than just perfect even when the graphics are concerned. We believe this show is the one you shouldn’t miss for the world.

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