Pick your favourite reality show – Bigg Boss or Roadies?

Bigg Boss VS MTV Roadies: Your Favourite Longest Running TV Reality Show?

Bigg Boss and MTV Roadies are popular reality shows. Both have been the longest running shows and have entertained masses. While Bigg Boss completed 13 seasons, MTV Roadies is in its 17th season. Both shows have the same concept of reality stars and participants coming together and performing different tasks but they are very different from each other.

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In Roadies, a group of contestants need to travel to different destinations and participate in tasks that challenge their physical and mental capability. If the contestant manages to complete all the tasks and survives the vote-outs, then he/she is chosen as the winner.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss is a completely different show. Here, the winner of the house is only chosen by the fans through voting. All the celebrities from different fields participate in the show and have to live in the same house. Not only winning the task, but the popularity of the celebrity also matters here.

Amongst the two, which one is your favourite? Comment below

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