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Randeep Rai gives a tour of his beautiful house

Celebrity Home: Inside Randeep Rai’s Home Tour!

Randeep Rai rose to fame as Sameer in TV show Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai.

With his boyish looks and sweet personality, Randeep surely gained many admirers. And he deserves it too!

His style statement is minimalistic but very effective, and if you add that smile and his innocent eyes then you have the man of every girl’s dream.

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He is the perfect blend of good looks and cuteness, and we are digging this boy-next-door image of him a little too much.

Just like every normal guy, Randeep too had come to Mumbai with loads of dreams. However, not everyone can achieve what they want. But Randeep proved it that one can achieve whatever he/she wants if they had a will.

The actor bought a house in Mumbai. His house not just looks classy but gives the perfect feel of a luxury pad.

Here is Randeep himself giving us a tour of his house. Check video!

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