FRIENDS has been one of the most loved shows through the mid 90s up until today even though it ended in the mid 2000s. This show has gifted us with our favourite characters with things they’re known for doing. We too know two such stars whom we cannot choose between and here is where we need your help.

Chandler’s sarcasm VS Joey’s flirting: Which is closer to your heart?

Chandler is one of the most loved characters in the show among the rest. His role is played by none other than Mathew Perry. The star is loved for his sarcastic advances and insight towards almost everything. It’s almost instinct to him and it surprises us how quick when can be with those comebacks. However, what really amuses us is how he manages to keep a straight face while saying stuff that makes us tear up due to laughing so hard.

One the other hand we have our dear Joey. He is loved by default as the baby of the group. The role of Joey is played by none other than Matt Leblanc and we just can’t get enough of it. The star is loved for his silly yet innocent wit. Although what he is really known for is his flirting. The star is known for not letting a single girl go by without flirting. It is his character which has gifted us with the famous pick up line “How You Doin’?” and lost of us still don’t say it the right way.

We think both the characters are deserving of the title in their own unique way. We just cannot seem to decide between two and hence we’re asking for your help. So let us know below who you think should win this battle.

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